Facts about Silvensa

  1. Silvensa has been always hosted by at least one national Mensa.
  2. Financial risk is always on national Mensa hosting the event, which means that the potential profit goes to the national Mensa and that the potential loss is covered by the national Mensa hosting Silvensa (the budget is constructed so that there should be no profit and no loss for the national Mensa).
  3. Each Silvensa has been organized by an OrgaTeam nominated by the board of national Mensa hosting Silvensa that particular year.
  4. So far Silvensa has been organized:
    • in 2014 by Mensa Poland and Mensa Germany in Warsaw, Poland,
    • in 2015 by Mensa Austria in Vienna, Austria,
    • in 2016 by Mensa Netherlands and Mensa Belgium in Maastricht, the Netherlands,
    • in 2017 by Mensa Poland in Warsaw, Poland,
    • in 2018 by Mensa Slovakia in Bratislava, Slovakia,
    • in 2019 by Mensa France in Marseille, France.
    • in 2020 and 2021 Mensa Sweden planned to organize Silvensa in Sundsvall, Sweden but had to cancel it due to the pandemic
    • in 2022 by Mensa Romania in Cluj, Romania
    • in 2023 by Mensa Serbia in Belgrade, Serbia

  5. Host cities and host national Mensas are chosen by the Silvensa Panel usually a year in advance from those who applied to organize Silvensa.
  6. The Silvensa Panel consists of former members of Silvensa orgateams (members of the Silvensa Panel, as well as members of the current orgateam, are listed in About us section).
  7. The Silvensa Panel has no president and all its members have equal rights.
  8. Silvensa is a registered trademark.

In case of any further questions, please contact us directly at panel@silvensa.org.