Welcome to the official website of Silvensa, the international Mensa New Year's Eve Event!

It has been great to see you all in Marseilles, France for Silvensa 2019 :) Let's meet at Silvensa 2022 in Cluj-Napoca in Romania (28.12.2022-1.1.2023)!

UPDATE November 13th: Registration fee will be raised on November 16th.
Our main venue is fully booked. Here is our second option for you: The Hampton by Hilton hotel, in walking distance from the city center and a 15 minute bus ride from the Main Hotel. Hilton is a well known brand where you can not go wrong and they were gracious enough to provide a generous discount. To get the link you need to book a room with the discount we negotiated, please ask us by mail to 2022@silvensa.org.
Oh, and we already have way more than 100 registrations.

Should you have any questions about Silvensa 2022, don't hesitate to contact us on Facebook or simply via e-mail: 2022@silvensa.org.

We need your help too: we need you as Silvensa hosts for 2023 and beyond! If you live in an easily accessible city, everything you need is an affordable main venue, a few helping hands and an OK from your board. Think about it! And if that doesn't seem completely impossible to you, please get in touch with the Silvensa-Panel at panel@silvensa.org

Your OrgaTeam