This website

This website is looking a bit commercial. That's because it is based on an open source template for an online shop which have started to redesign in order to get a good event registration website. Don't worry about this to much. Obviously this is not a commercial website or event, we make no profit with it. If we can organize this event in a way that there will be a black zero as a financial result for Mensa Austria we'll be happy.

We are working a lot on this website. If you find a bug or something that doesn't look as it should please contact us @ And please be patient. All of us are volunteers who have very limited time to work on this project.

You can test the software we use for this website yourself, on your own computer. What you need is a PHP-capable server MAMP, the webshop template and some basic knowledge about PHP and Smarty. You're a programmer and you have a good idea for an app which we could add to this website? Send it to us! For example how about a little browser game version of our pillow fight :)