How to pay

All payments that require prepayments can be done either by wire transfer or via Shopia where you can pay by credit card.

The Shopia website to pay by credit card you can find here: You can find a screenshot on how this website looks below this text. Please enter the sum you want to pay (suma de plata), your name, the number of your registration(s) and your email address (same as you used for the booking). Your phone number is not necessary. All credit card payments will then be confirmed by Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode.

If you don't want to pay by Shopia you have two weeks after your booking to pay by wire transfer. If we do not receive your wire transfer within two weeks your booking will be considered void. It does not mean you do not have to pay - for our cancellation policy check the tab "Right of rescission".

In the title of your wire transfer you should write "Silvensa Reservation", your name and your booking number.

If you do your wire transfer in a currency other than Romanian Leu (RON) please ask your bank for their exchange rate.

You can of course split up your booking. For example book your room and/or the New Year's Eve party first and later add other small events, which you would like to attend to. You have to add the mandatory registration fee to your first order.

Thank you!