Quality Hotel Sundsvall

How to book

This time you can book the rooms directly at our main venue, not on this page. To book a room please send a mail to q.conference.sundsvall@choice.se and give them the booking code "Mensa".

The prices are as follows per night (all prices in Swedish Crowns SEK; 1 Euro  is about 10 SEK):

Single room
1 person
695 SEK
Double room
2 persons
850 SEK
1 extra bed + 250 SEK
Superior room
2 persons
1.050 SEK
Twin bedroom
3 persons
1.180 SEK
bed sofa for 1p included
2 persons
(max 6 persons)
1.395 SEK
2p in sofa bed + 250 SEK/p/night
2 extra beds + 250 SEK/p/night

(room prices updated at September 28th)

The Quality Hotel is directly in the city center of Sundsvall, a few minutes walk from the main station Sundsvall Central and Storgatan, the main street of the pedestrian zone.

We will have a games room, at least one conference room and a bar for ourselves in our main venue. There is also a restaurant there and a cinema in the same building.

For further information please check the website of the Quality Hotel.