Ancient Salt Mine in Turda


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Event number: 2022-Salina.2
Informations about "Ancient Salt Mine in Turda"
The Salt Mine in Turda, also called the Gate to the Heart of Transylvania is probably the most visited place in the Cluj county. 
The mining started here more than 2000 years ago and went on until the 1930s. You can go up to 120m underground and experience this magical place.
There will be a bus for us from the hotel to the salt mine and back. One way can take up to one hour, so make sure you plan up to 5 hours for this activity in your calendar.
Location: Salina Turda (Aleaa Durgăului, nr. 7, Turda). We will have a rented bus for everyone who wants to visit. The bus ticket is included in this price.
Time relevance: At this time you should be in the hotel lobby.

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